Kid’s Play

I came across a really useful video about the importance of Kid’s Play. I’m not usually one to jump at every suggestion I hear from the child “gurus”, because at my core I think I’ve got the common-sense and love for my kids to help my parental decision making, as I think most parents have. That’s not to say I don’t take any notice of the “experts” – I take most of what I hear and read on-board and if it sits well in my parental compass, I give it credit. I happen to like the simple messages and advice regarding parenting. The things we really know anyway – again, back to using our parenting common-sense.

Anyhow, I like the simple message this nice lady gives about the importance of kid’s play in their development. It got me thinking about how much passive entertainment the kids’ of today have – TV, DVD, cable, Wii, PlayStation, computer, internet, online gaming, online socializing…..and the list goes on. I think it highlights the benefits of kids being more active and responsible for their own entertainment. Sometimes it’s easy for us modern parents to get caught up a bit in the modern lifestyle as well. We work much longer hours, we have greater work and financial pressures on us, and sometimes we can leave our kids to their own devices a little too much. It’s good to take stock and encourage good, clean, healthy, kid’s play.

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