Free Reward Charts

I started using reward charts a few years back with my then 4 year old son. I searched high and low on the Internet, in  book shops and in toy shops, looking for a ready-to-go reward charts package. I just couldn’t find anything worthwhile and the free reward charts I found on the web were VERY basic. Most of them consisted of a very simple cut-and-paste background image, with a few star shapes scattered about. I didn’t think that these free reward charts would inspire my son at all so we set about making our own. We did a pretty good job but it was time-consuming, and with all the materials I bought, relatively expensive.

I have since developed a range of ready-to-go, reusable, reward chart packages that have proven to be a great success over the last 3 years or so. Now I didn’t want this blog to be about selling my stuff (I have another dedicated site for that) but rather about sharing and receiving some great ideas about effectively using reward charts for kids. I think back to when I was poking around the web looking for free reward charts (or even reward charts ideas I could use) and I know I would’ve really appreciated a free reward chart which was well designed, vibrant and inspiring for kids to use, so I though I might share a few free reward charts from my range of reward charts for kids.

How to use these free reward charts is fairly self-evident but as a quick summary:

  • Your child can write their name on the reward chart and also what behavior/task they will be working on.
  • There are spots on the reward charts where your child will “earn” a smaller reward, and the final spot where they receive their bigger reward. (This approach helps to keep their interest and motivation)
  • The numbered spots on the reward charts are to color-in or place a sticker as they progress through the reward chart.
  • When they finish you can simply print another chart and start again.

I will add another post soon, listing a detailed set of rules, but for now you may like to visit my other site for a more complete set of rules for using a reward chart.  In summary, the fundamental rules are: Be Positive, Be Consistent, and Be Realistic.

Here are the free reward charts:

Free printable fairytale reward chart

Free printable space alien reward chart

Free printable farmyard star chart

(click on the link and  print directly, or choose “save as” and download onto your computer to print whenever you want)

** These FREE reward charts downloads are STILL available, however you will now need to visit Free Printable Reward Charts and follow the instructions on that page. The links for the free charts above will also take you to the required page…Thank you and apologies if there’s any inconvenience. **

Top Tip: The best way to use these free reward charts is to print and then laminate to make a reusable reward chart. Kids can write on it, color-in the spots and wipe off when the chart is finished.

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